Saturday, March 31, 2007

About Abigail and Emmanuel

On January 10th, 2007 we were matched with Abigail and Emmanuel (or A&E as I like to call them) as our children. It was Abigail's 7th birthday when we found out. A & E are biologically brother and sister. Their father is still alive and lives about 20 minutes outside of Monrovia where AFAA's foster home is that A & E will stay in until we bring them home. We don't know what happened to their mother. They have several other older siblings who we hear are mostly in their teens and 20's. It is common for parents to drop their children off at orphanages in an effort to get them fed in Liberia. We don't know what the circumstances were that got A & E into the system. We do know they have been at the AFAA house since at least early December. Both children are healthy by 3rd world standards. That means they are not HIV positive but could have some malnutrition issues. At the time we were matched with them, Emmanuel was smaller than Annie by 2 inches and five pounds. He was born in 2003 but we do not know when his birthday is. Emmanuel also has a droopy left eye lid as you can see in the pictures. He was able to be examined by a doctor and does have sight in his left eye. We have learned his father has the same condition. A & E were both given small albums in mid March when our agency director, Cheryl traveled to see them. (There is no mail system in Liberia so this was our only opportunity to get something to them. All the adoption paperwork is done through DHL.) They have now seen photos of us and both sets of grandparents as well as gotten some pictures drawn by Annie. We have learned through a girl who was adopted in PA and was with A & E in the AFAA house that Abigail is obedient and likes to play with dolls. Emmanuel apparently enjoys making funny faces at the foster Moms and likes to get up early so he can have first pick at the toy cars.

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