Friday, March 30, 2007

How it All Began, Learn about our Adoption Agency

It didn't take us long to pick our adoption agency, Americans for African Adoptions. The Executive Director, Cheryl Carter-Shotts found her son after watching the news! Did God need to hit us with a rock to tell us this was the one or what? Read her story at:
Visit our agency website at:
AFAA as we like to refer to them, is based in Indianapolis, IN. They work with Liberia, Ethiopia, and have just started a program in Lesotho (a small country in South Africa). Very few countries in Africa allow international adoptions. In fact Lesotho's first experience with international adoptions will be with AFAA. The first referrals (matching of families and children) are just coming in. Cheryl has worked through the endless paperwork of African Adoptions for 21 years. Their fees are nowhere near what other agencies charge. They make helping a child a reality for almost everyone! Peace, Food, and Clean Water!

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Anonymous said...

Please don't lose heart, but realize that many AFAA families end up paying fees that are double what other families pay when they wait and wait and wait post referral and end up paying thousands of dollars in foster care. Definitely something you might want to prepare yourself for financially (and emotionally). Our adoptino took so long with AFAA that we paid more in fostercare fees than we did in adoption fees. Your children (all three!) are gorgeous! Good luck on a speedy homecoming for your babies!