Thursday, March 29, 2007

Richardson Family Web

Hi all! Thanks for visiting.

We're going to do out best to keep you posted on the events of Annie's life as she grows. We know you're all a great distance from her and we hope this will help bring us all closer together.

Also, we're going to use this space to introduce you to Abigail and Emanuel. We're still getting to know them ourselves. The first pictures of them arrived today and we couldn't be more excited!! They are beautiful children and they bring a ray of sunshine to our lives that is profound.

These pictures of them were taken right off our television. We received a DVD video of the two today and had to get pictures out to all of you ASAP. As Sue may have mentioned in her email to you...they were singing like crazy on this DVD!!! They seemed so happy and Abigail in particular was just beaming with joy. Emanuel seemed a little more reserved. You could tell that he was a happy boy. There were several other boys who were his "groupies"...they were always at his side.

Feel free to leave comments for us and to check back often. We'll update this site as frequently as possible.


G'ma R. said...

This is great and we will try to read it often to keep posted. Thank you for the great pictures.

Grandpa Arthur said...

What a blessing these 3 beautiful children are! I am sure that Annie will be a great teacher, too. Hmmmm...3 to 2...parenting is about to get even more interesting!