Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meet Our New Friends!

Beth and Dries Coetzee returned home from Ethiopia with their two boys, Alazar, 9 and Endalkachew, 6 two weeks ago. They used the same adoption agency we are using and live right here in Bloomington about 10 minutes away. We were able to go meet them and their precious new sons who are adapting remarkably well. I was absolutely amazed at how well behaved and polite they are. They already look like part of the neighborhood gang riding their bikes. They call Beth and Dries Mommy and Daddy like they've never been apart. Apparently once your children receive your albums, the staff works with them on who Mommy and Daddy are. I feel like I got a wealth of knowledge in just a short time and a peek into what it will be like. Thank you Beth and Dries, we look forward to a long friendship!
On a sidenote, Annie liked the boys but really liked their dog.

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Nancy said...

This was my favorite post so far because it shows me that this is really going to happen, because the boys look so happy, and because I know that you already have friends who will always kow what you are going through every step of the way!