Friday, April 13, 2007

Minivan Ready!

I know its been a while since we last updated this. My parents came in for a visit Tuesday and we have been busy organizing our house after a year of just trying to survive. We do have one piece of news, I was able to get in touch with Cheryl (adoption agency director) and she says they are working on our case in Liberia and they don't need anything else from us as this point. (We still have no estimate of a timeline) Also we learned she wasn't able to meet Abigail and Emmanuel's father. I suspect she ran out of time and I'm sure it would have been a job to track him down. My parents drove out to MN (from Washington, DC, 22 hours!!) so they could give us their mini-van. I guess we are really getting ready to be a bigger family. My car did not have long to live and needed a new engine, not worth it for a 98 Ford Escort. We have gotten some clothes already from very generous people for the kids. Mom and I organized all of it into bins by size and season. Hopefully it will get us off to a good start. A & E will not come home with any of their own clothes. They leave them for other kids at the AFAA Foster Home. We also got some great girl clothes from our neighbor, Alison Kmett and even some of Cecily's (Janie's daughter) clothes may fit her, we'll see. Thanks to everyone who is getting us started in this department and has kept Annie well supplied for three years now, (Auntie Caroline, Janie Peterson, Cindy Rynchek, Peg Ogea, Lisa Kiava, & Amy Kmett) We hope to have real photos soon. Cheryl is working on organizing her 26 rolls!


Janie said...

remeber Reece anf Georgio will have plenty for Emmanuel too!

Janie said...

Three kid families and Minivans go great together! Nice being in the family of 5 club!