Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our children are the most beautiful ones in the orphanage!

You don't hear that everyday, usually it's "my kid is in honor roll, my kid walked at a year.." but we received another DVD from Cheryl's trip and got to see what they looked like when she was there in March. We were totally wrong about who we thought Abigail was before, but in my maternal defense, the other girl did look about the same age and the picture was far away. The video had a great tour of the AFAA house and the kids were having gym class when Cheryl was filming. Emmanuel was of course playing with a toy truck that they had to take away from him so he could do his stretches! Abigail was jumping rope with another girl. Then she said her name very well in this clip and Cheryl said "Are you going to America soon?" And she said, yes.
Cheryl said "Are you sure?" teasing her. And she giggled and said, "yes." So they must have gotten our albums at that point. The house is very nice but as we knew and got to see for ourselves there is no running water and the new well water is still quite muddy so it can only be used to flush the toilet and wash clothes. All the cooking is done on what we would consider a primitive grill. (yes Dad even older than yours) There is no electricity so they rely on sunlight and have a generator that runs a couple hours at night. The kids seem happy, the foster moms seem very nurturing and all the kids seem well cared for. They had to build a pretty high wall around the house for security reasons which cuts off a lot of breeze and it did look quite hot.
Annie definitely knows she is getting a brother and sister. We showed her Abigail and she said, "I love you to the moon and back." Yes, Emmanuel is wearing a big bird shirt. In the video the foster Mom said he calls himself Eban for short, not Emman, but Eban. No one knows how he started doing that, seems like Emmanuel has quite a little personality! Maybe we'll get him to call himself Emman, but that of course is not that important. We started checking on airline tickets, we are still recovering from the heart attack it caused and will keep you posted on that. But today I said to Scott, "I think this just might happen."

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Janie said...

Oh-- that Annie so sweet. Love love her to the moon and back. What nice reunion it will be! Please guess on the sizes of each and post for us...