Monday, April 23, 2007

We probably will travel sometime in June

Hi Sue,
I believe that both of your children DO have passports now so HURRAH HURRAH, HURRAH! You should not schedule flights until we KNOW we have 100% of 100% of the paperwork. Liberia processing is different from Ethiopian processing so you would be able to travel to Liberia about 2 weeks after 100% of everything is finished. Our super travel agent is:
Joann - MTS Travel
1-800-642-8315 but it is easiest to reach her by e-mail. Joanne's e-mail address is:
How many people will be traveling to Monrovia? Would you be receptive to taking in supplies for the foster home that we send to you?
Take care,

Yes, we are freaking out. It's like we've been trying to get pregnant for a almost two years, we just found out we are pregnant and we are giving birth in two weeks!!! Ok, I have a lot to do, rooms, oh my gosh!! Thank goodness mom organized the clothes. Speaking of mom she fell down the stairs and broke her ankle in 3 places on Thursday, had surgery on Friday, came home from the hospital on Sunday. Don't think she will be watching Annie if we are off to Africa in a month. I'll be heading to Rochester May 5th to help with care. We have thought of a back-up plan for Annie's care, that person doesn't know we'll be calling today though, surprise!!!

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