Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Annie Knows

I have often been asked, does Annie know she is getting siblings? My answer to that question is yes and no. When we talk about brothers and sisters she definitely knows what that is because all her friends have a brother or sister. But I don't think she can quite comprehend the way she will be getting her siblings. When we got our referral for Abigail and Emmanuel in January, I told her she was going to get an older brother and sister. I told her they were going to come live with us because they didn't have a Mommy and Daddy and little sister and we were going to be their family. She responded, "their Mommy went to news and didn't come home?" I said well, sort of since she knows one of the only times I'm away from her is when I'm "at the news." She helped draw pictures for their albums and watched as I put them together. Then she watched the DVD of the kids we got. I think she just likes being around other children and is more than ready to have playmates. As they were singing she played her drums along with them and followed their hand movements. Later she told me she didn't want a baby sister. I said good, cause you are getting an older sister. It might be a different story when BOTH Mommy and Daddy leave her for 10 days, but then whats better than Grandma all to yourself!

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