Friday, April 6, 2007

What's the AFAA House?

The AFAA house is a foster care home run by our agency, (Americans For African Adoption). The children come to this home when they have met certain health criteria and our agency thinks they have a family they can match them with. Almost every child in this house will end up going to the United States. Every other summer, AFAA organizes reunions for families in the U.S. so all the kids can once again see each other. This house is supported by the families adopting. So right now we are already financially supporting Abigail and Emmanuel. We pay 175 dollars a month for each of them or 350 dollars total. But what we pay does not meet the operating expenses, the rest of the bill is covered by our agency and donations. Most families, including us, do not mind paying for them in foster care because where they are staying now, no matter how hot it is, is much better than many of the orphanages the kids have come from. Also, they are getting some education here from the house mothers, they are getting American vitamins, and have access to American movies and videos. The house just got a DVD player so they are able to watch DVD's. This, we hope will help with the transition.

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Academy of the Possible said...

I am so glad to hear you adopted Abigail and Eman. My husband and I are trying to adopt 2 children with special needs Lawrena and John with severe CP from AFAA. We are trying to raise money for their adoption. Please check out our fundraising site and share the word if you will. It is
We already have five children with special needs, so taking care of them is not a problem. Getting there is. Our last name is Richardson too. Our blog is Thanks. Jennifer Richardson