Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Next...

Here's whats ahead for Abigail and Emmanuel before we can bring them home:

Their birth certificate photos, passport photos and
Liberian government and AFAA file photos will be taken. Their birth certificate
processing will begin.

After the Liberian government case history is completed, typed, reviewed for
accuracy and signed by the proper Liberian government authorities, it will
be given to the AFAA rep, then the children's Liberian passports can be
started. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to ask to have the children
brought in to their office.

There is NO time estimate for the passports to be completed - the last time
passports took 3 months with daily visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
by an AFAA rep, to push the process along. Cheryl writes "I personally went to the MOF
office twice and met with at least 6 people. The 2nd time I refused to leave a
high level official's office until I had the remaining passport. The person
needed to sign the child's passport - she finally accepted that I would not
leave, signed the passport after I had spent 4 hours in her office and waiting
area. She reviewed the child's documentation while watching a video on her
office television and finally signed the passport at 7:30pm, thus allowing our
case worker and I to leave MOF so we could find an open restaurant."

When the field investigation is prepared and typed, 100% of the
documentation is completed and the US Embassy has your I-600A approvals, everything will
be brought to the consular officer at the Embassy by the AFAA country
representative. Over the next week the Embassy consular officer, when his or her
schedule permits, will review all of the documentation for each child and will
contact our AFAA rep and advise if the documentation is acceptable to him or
her. If anything needs to be changed or added to our Liberian country rep
will be advised of this. If all is okay the children are then able to be
brought to the Embassy for their official visa "interview" by you and/or your
husband and you will file the two, I-600 forms. You will need two I-600 forms,
two I-864 forms and two copies of your 2006 tax return and W-2's. If
everything is accepted by the Embassy the children will receive their US visas in one
to two days and they will be free to leave Liberia.

Sue adds, God Willing.

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