Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conversations With Annie, Soon To Be 3

Today I had a pin on given to me by Scott's Mom when she went on a mission trip to South Africa. It has a beaded white girl, black girl, and brown boy on it. They are all holding hands. I have been wearing it a lot lately, keeping my kids with me. Annie saw it today and asked me about it and I told her it was to represent her brother and sister who would be coming home soon. I said do you remember their names? She stopped for a moment and then said, Manuel? I was so impressed as I didn't think she had picked up that much. I talked with her more about the adoption and compared it to one of her favorite movies 'Annie' which ended up being a mistake because she then asked if we were all going to live at Daddy Warbucks' house.
Tonight I was trying to go to bed when I overhear Annie and Scott talking. Somehow the subject of Foxy, (Grandma and Grandpa R's dog) comes up and all of a sudden she blurts out, "I go stay with Baby Maddie and Grandma Charlene and Papa Arthur when you go and get my brother and sister. " Scott also impressed, says that's right. Do you know what your brother and sister's names are? Annie says, Manuel and Abi---gail.. Scott told Annie her brother and sister live in Africa and asked where do you live? And she says, "My house." Who says blondes are slow! Then Scott tells her that Mommy and Daddy are going to go to Africa to get them and we're all going to come home and live in Minnesota. Is that OK? She says, SURE, Daddy got diet coke??? (she's trained so well to get daddy a soda!)

Ambassadors for Other Families
So far we have five families we are taking albums and a few other things for, one is here in South Minneapolis! It is a small world after all isn't it? I'm keeping a list of names and kids so I can make sure to spend some special time with each of these kids who already have an anxious, loving, and waiting family. Then I can't wait to report back to them. I know HOW important that is not only to them but all of their extended families too. I wonder what my kids think and I want to make sure all these kids know they are already loved half way across the world!

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Janie said...

That Annie is one smart cookie. She's got great parents. No wonder...