Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day...A waiting Mom's state of Mind

First of all a big shout out to my Aunt most faithful blog reader, she checks this everyday without fail! Happy Mom's Day Nanc!!
With six weeks to go until I officially have three children I have reached a whole new level of psychosis. The emotional roller coaster I rode before I had Annie is coming back for another spin. I remember two weeks before giving birth I must have felt that Scott was not being attentive enough and stopped him on the basement stairs and laid it on the line, "I need to be the QUEEN of your universe NOW." On Saturday it hit me. I am completely overwhelmed and have 64,000 things to do in the next six weeks and Scott why are you sitting down? What are you doing??? Do something. Um, you are breathing incorrectly, is that the remote in your hand??? Cause there is no time to hold the remote, we need to figure out rooms, plant the flowers, mow the lawn, get the visas, make the plane reservations, and the vacuum is not picking stuff up! Are you cleaning out the vacuum at the kitchen sink? That is what our driveway is for. Lucky for Scott I had to go on an overnight trip for work and he got to sit down, breath as he liked, and even hold the remote. It was quite evident when I got home that is what he had done. But he is trying to not get in trouble with his queen, he is now even posting on the blog (notice the three new videos) and editing my posts (Hi there it's me Scott, I'm writing this and haven't breathed in a full minute!) The psychosis will soon end, but just so you know nesting is not a symptom of pregnant Moms its a symptoms of expectant ones!

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