Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A little Biased

I admit it, I'm totally biased FOR black people, especially native African black people. I have no idea why. Even our one black photographer at work said to me one day, you are our black reporter, because I love doing stories with the people in North Minneapolis which is predominately black. Today, I was in the parking lot of the grocery store and this guy was having car trouble and I could tell he was from Ethiopia. When I asked if he needed help, that was confirmed. His starter was out and he needed to push his car to a parking spot instead of in the middle of the parking lot. So Melville (the guy who collects the carts, also black, not that it matters) and I pushed his van with the Ethiopian flag on it I noticed later, to a parking spot. I offered him my cell phone but he said he had a friend coming. I go back to our minivan (my co-worker called me minivan Mama and I now have a strong affection for the term) and get Annie. Meanwhile we come out of the store and I almost run over two old people. Not that I don't like old people, but I know if they had been African immigrants I would have stopped and given them a ride to their car. I guess its sort of like when you are pregnant it seems everyone around you is pregnant. I never meet a black person with an accent now without asking them where they are from and if I'm so inclined I tell this total stranger about my impending kids. But I know that's how African people are, they are the friendliest people on earth. They are never too busy, never too rushed to stop and learn about you. It makes them so rich in ways we will never be.


Many people have asked me, now Cheryl has brought kids home, could you have an escort bring your kids home? The answer to that question is yes. But there are several reasons we are going over to get the kids ourselves. One is, we don't want to be on anyone's timetable. The minute those kids are able to leave Liberia, we want them home. But more than that, we want to see where they've lived, where they are coming from. We want to immerse ourselves in their culture, in their people. We know that will help us raise them, understand what they've been through and why or how they might act in the future. We also want to raise them knowing where they've come from and allowing them to be proud of that. If we have never been there we think that might be a challenge no matter how many great videos you see. At first, just I was going to go. But then we were encouraged by family to go together. In reality, it really is like a hot, dusty, humid delivery room. There were lots of factors of course, the first always on my mind, money. But in 25 years what will 2500 dollars be for one plane ticket? And both Scott and I and A & E will always have this week together, on THEIR turf. They will spend their lives being overstimulated and learning our way of life, this is the least we can do for them.

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Andries said...

I love your post about the "escort issue". Well said, Sue! You & your husband will always treasure going on this "adventure in love" together.
Fellow lovers of Africa,
Beth & Dries