Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Next Model is...

Annie Marlene. She specializes in picking out her clothes herself. You can see in the outfit she is wearing a green top with a pink whale on it. She has orange capris with flowers on them, snow white socks, and cinderella shoes. She has added some nice accessories as well which include a gold muchroom necklace that her mother used to wear as a child and a blue hair brush to keep her beautiful. This outfit is not available in stores and is valued priceless.

Stuff I thought I'd never hear myself say, "Annie please don't use the kneeler as a trampoline.
Stuff you hope your child doesn't say at the top of her lungs in church, "Mommy my barbie has no clothes on!"


Nancy said...

Annie and her outfit are both priceless! Just imagine what she and Abigail will come up with together! After reading your post the other day, I thought it was completely understandable that these kids might be hard to understand! If only 20% of the population speaks English, they are always surrounded by people who don't, and I am assuming that the kids in the AFAA house dont all speak the same language. Their new life is going to be very challenging for them and for you all, but I know you are up to the challenge!

G'ma R. said...

Yes, we love the outfit and the model is outstanding. Can't wait to see you all soon. And the 10 days while you are gone will be so fun for us to get to see her in action! We have our tickets to return Annie to you, so we should be all set for the family to all be together!