Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Preparing to Travel, shots and instructions

Scott and I went to the Infectious Disease and Travel Clinic yesterday to get vaccinated against a lot of things that don't look like fun to have, yellow fever, typhoid, malaria. They also gave us two sets of strong antibiotics just in case. At first I said oh, just give us one set whoever gets sick first can get them, then I pictured us on the plane with two kids we barely know both running to the bathroom with the runs, uh, maybe we'll take two sets of those drugs
Most of the diseases of concern are from mosquito's but we also have to be careful with water, drink bottled or canned, stay away from anything made with water like lemonade or ice-tea, watch the salads, eat fruits with peels like bananas or oranges instead of strawberries and grapes, and wear a lot of bug repellent. As we were getting our instructions, it was all coming back to me. Although it's been 13 years since I've been in a 3rd world country I remember all the precautions you have to take.
I also spoke with Cheryl yesterday who said our tentative dates should work, we are waiting for a field investigation for the US Embassy in Liberia to go through, whatever that means. Cheryl also warned us about taking loose fitting cotton clothing. She said, "have you ever been to a 3rd world country." I said yes, and started listing them and she said, "those are nothing compared to Liberia. You will be drenched the minute you walk outside because it's so hot." I've heard the humidity is always at 80 percent or above and one of the big challenges at the AFAA house is getting clothes to dry because of that.
I handed in my form for FMLA leave. I will tentatively be gone from work June 28-July 26, using as much paid time as possible. I didn't seem to ruffle too many feathers.
We had a great trip home to see GRANDMA M-A-R-I-A-N. She is being a good patient and seems to be improving by the day. Annie also got to see Grandma CHAR-lene last week and baby Maddie and Auntie Amber. Coming home on the plane from NY she turned to me and said, "Such a sweet child" while patting my head. I thought, there's no doubt we've been with the Grandma's! Annie talked non-stop from Detroit to Minneapolis, everything from playing with her Dora Backpack (I gotta have my packback) to talking about Blue's Clues to imagining play with an old barbie of mine she found in my old room and brought back. When we finally landed, the woman across the aisle said do you know how smart she is that she can talk that entire time? I thought, yes and annoying to everyone around her as I was trying to feed her to keep her mouth full so she would be quiet. But the lady says her little brain is working so well. I thought, I bet you are a Grandma too! Speaking of my room, it is very pink and flowery and although Annie had been there before, I'm guessing she didn't remember because when we got there she said, "I love your room, it's beautiful, its my favorite." Two nights in a row, she told me to leave the room and go downstairs, it was her room now.
While at home, I helped Dad open the pool. Annie was so excited and demanded to put her swim suit on that she was going to go swimming "right now." That was, until we put our feet in and found out how cold the water was.
We are working on where to stay in Monrovia. Cheryl is suggesting the Royal Hotel because it has air conditioning and she says there is wireless Internet access, so we can take our laptop and update the blog, which will be great.
Today we redo our fingerprints, it's always fun dealing with immigration!

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