Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Leave for Liberia....

5 Weeks from today! Let the countdown begin!


We have a book, similar to a baby book, for both Abigail and Emmanuel. It's called 'Our Chosen Child.' We plan to print some of the blog out and save it for them and will add any of your comments if you would like. It will be fun for them to look back and see all the people who followed their journey along with ours and were excited for them to join our family.

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Janie said...

A & E, we can't wait to have you over to our house for a play date. Our family speaks of you often. We told our neighbors you'll be here to visit soon, so folks in Golden Valley know about you and await your arrival too. Your pictures are on my laptop so I see your faces everytime I log onto my computer. My son Reece is your age A. Cecily is anxious to share toys with you, like she does with Annie. And E, you'll love my rock star son Georgio. He's 4 just like you. If you don't know who Bon Jovi is yet, you'll learn. You are in my thoughts and I pray for a wonderful return with your Mom and Dad. We can't wait to learn
more about Africa and get to know you better. Your Mom's friend, Janie