Saturday, June 16, 2007

Annie Time

I am so excited to go to Liberia and add to our family, but I must admit, I know I'm going to miss the pickle terribly. We've been trying to spend special time with Annie before she has to share us! We are sad we will be away on her 3rd birthday but have decided to have an Annie Day the Sunday before we leave which will be her pretend birthday. We plan to go to an amusement park and spend the whole day with our attention just on her. (Plus then Mommy doesn't have to plan a party) Annie knows all about how she will stay with baby Maddie when we are gone. She had a friend over the other day and they both had their babies and she told Jane, my baby is Baby Maddie!

A & E's Dad
I had thought about trying to meet A & E's Dad who is still alive and lives outside Monrovia. But after asking Cheryl's advice we found that when other families have tried to do this it has caused problems with the family wanting financial support. So we have decided not to attempt this.

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