Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A & E's Room Ready to Go

We finally finished it! This is A & E's new room. What's that you say? The rest of the house, packing???? Uh, yea...it's not like we're leaving Thursday or anything.


Nancy said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!! I know Abegal and Emmanuel will love it! Now I'd like to see YOUR room - probably not quite that neat, eh? Just want you to know on the eve of this adventure, that it is cooler today in Monrovia than it is in Oswego, Minneapolis, Rochester, or DC; it is 75 degrees there AND 75 in Dallas as well. Einen guten Flug wuensche ich Euch!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing great. Their room is really super. I think they will love all the color. And as they grow they can pick their own to their taste. You did a great job--and three days ahead. Wow. Mom & Dad R.