Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting the taste of America

I asked my other Mom friends what to give the kids to eat when they come home from Liberia. Here are some of their ideas:

The bottom line is, they like their food hot, so when I cooked I just provided hot peppers for her to add to her food. particularly liked soups and stews, along with rice, to which she added her own pepper. Beef and chicken cooked any way are also favorites. was not used to eating vegetables except for cabbage, and it took a while. She never had mashed potatoes, but loves them!

My daughters came home 5+ years ago and we initially stayed away from proccessed foods. This was fairly easy because my kids were toddlers and home the first half year. I guess the bottom line is each child will be different in terms of their food preferences.

had great appetites since the minute they got home. We introduced new foods slowly and pretty much had rice as a side dish for every meal of the day. We haven't had any problems with food allergies. Ketchup was a big hit from the begining and it's used to cover almost everything. When in doubt, add rice!

I'll second the rice, you would think our kids would never want to see rice again but it seemed very much a comfort food and we still have rice several times a week. Our kids are also GREAT eaters. We spend twice as much on groceries than the average family with kids the age of ours. (most toddlers and preschoolers don't out eat their parents at every meal!) They are all big meat eaters and love almost any meat prepared almost any way. It was also a slow process for us with the veggies, but they have all grown accustomed to them. I wouldn't worry to much about it, just take it slow and keep offering foods even if they don't like them the first or fifth time :)

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