Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Our Way

We're off. We can't believe it. Annie got to Oklahoma City safely (long story short, Scott missed his flight, every flight was booked he had to drive her to Kansas City to meet his folks half way, Amber came to OK today to get her, Thank you Richardsons and Amber for doing all that!)
The next time we post, the pictures will NOT be of us!! Stay tuned, the real journey is just beginning! HOORAY! Thanks everyone for all your well wishes, it means the world to us.


Nancy said...

I can't believe the luggage you had, but even more can't believe that you took the time to post something at 11:44 a.m. when your flight was due to depart at 1:35! You are so much more organized than you give yoursevles credit for! I hope that all of your flghts today are better and more on time than Scott's yesterday, and will be waiting eagerly for the first post from Monrovia! Godspeed and I love you both!!!!

Janie said...

Keep the video coming.. a riot Miss Sue!

Anonymous said...

You are a great reporter but I think it is wrong to adopt children from other countries. There are chilfren right here in this country, this town, this neighborhood WAITING and WAITING for someone to adopt them. But does anyone care or acknowledge them? The answer is no. We need to think of where we are living and what is going on here at home instead of other countries.