Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're STILL HERE...Lightening DOES strike twice

Well, they say nothing worth doing is easy. We've been waiting for two years for this day, so you can imagine our level of disappointment. We arrived 1hr 15min before our flight was scheduled to leave...but due to American Airlines' incompetence, we still were not able to make our flight.

We're going to go out to dinner together, something we don't get to do very often anyway...and try to keep our senses of humor. It's difficult when there are two orphans waiting for you...but we'll get there.

Our New Itinerary

Friday, 29Jun
Lv Minneapolis 1200N
Arr Chicago 115P
Lv Chicago 430P
Arr Brussels 740A (Sat)

(spending the day enjoying the sights of Brussels, Belgium. And no, there were no other flights into Monrovia before July 1st!)

Sunday, 1Jul
Lv Brussels 1040A
Arr Monrovia 550P

Our return flights will remain the same.

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Nancy said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I don't know why I even checked the blog tonight except out of habit. I certainly didn't expect to find anything new there except maybe a comment from Charlene or Amber about Annie. Susan, you are amazing - must be your television background. That video of you is actually quite cute!!! I probably would have been screaming, crying or swearing or all three. You really looked still sane. Guess you'll be eating Belgian chocolate on Saturday instead of the Starbucks cocoa you're drinking today. You gotta keep that sense of humor!!!!