Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adjusting Well

We are home and so happy to be here. We have had a string of visitors and phone calls. The kids have done awesome meeting everyone. They have really made themselves at home. Loving all the toys they have! We are still working on getting them the correct size clothes. Today we went to the doctor and got them checked over. They both are in good shape. We are so fortunate. They got a plethora of shots and blood drawn which didn't go over well with either of them, but they are now resting, so they will be fine I'm sure. We went to the supermarket yesterday. They seem to be taking all the changes in stride. Of course their favorite part was riding in the cart! Emmanuel seems to have calmed down a little. It probably helps we are not on our 50th hour of travel. He only took the bathroom sink apart once and flooded the bathroom and basement once. We are however working on the correct way to water the flowers. (not with your pee pee E-man)!
Overall the kids are very resilient

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David B-A said...

You guys need to foster eman's handyman tendencies. You may never need to check Angie's List again. It is great to see you all as one BIG family. God Bless.

Angela and David