Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Calm After the Storm

It's been a day of relaxation and a day to refocus our energies on getting home. Yesterday is gone and we've regrouped.

Sue got to the airline ticket office today and was able to re-re-book our flight home so that we get in on MONDAY instead of TUESDAY! Hooray!! It still baffles me that we could make those arrangements here in Monrovia, Liberia...but the best our American travel agency could do was get us home Tuesday. And with a 30 HOUR LAYOVER IN BRUSSELS! And of course, because A&E don't have US passports, we would not have been able to leave the airport.

The kids and I went to breakfast this morning and then went back to the hotel room to play and hang out for awhile. We decided not to go back to the AFAA House as it we really didn't want to have to go through the "good-byes" again. It was difficult for Abegail yesterday. It's the only time we've seen her cry.

When Sue returned, she took the kids back to the stopped raining just in time for them to get over there and enjoy a beautiful day. Both kids got in the water this time...but because the rip currents are so strong, it's wasn't advisable to get them too comfortable with the water.

I stayed in the restaurant and caught up on some emails and work-related stuff. The kids are napping now and will be here for dinner soon.


Lost in all of this was Alexander's visit to the airport yesterday! He and the entire family were there waiting for us! Aunts, uncles, siblings, and friends. We took a few photos with our video our regular camera's battery died at the exact moment I went to snap the 1st photo! So I've pulled some still frames off the video tape and this will have to do.

A&E didn't have a hard time saying goodbye. They were smiling and laughing the whole time. Aaron, 10 and Esther, 16 were not as brave. They broke down and were very sad. Aaron wanted to go with us and Esther didn't want A&E to go. It was rough for us as parents to take these children from their family. We both felt bad. But as I told Sue, "You don't get to pick your tragedy." All these children have tragic stories...some worse than others. These two will do very well in America and the opportunities they will have would never be available to them here in Liberia.

To those families with children here, we will be posting some fantastic photos that Sue took at the AFAA House on our blog later tonight! You're going to LOVE these photos...stay tuned.

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