Saturday, July 7, 2007

Favorite Photos

1. Woeklle sleeps
2. Mackie
3. Mommy reads her first story to kids
4. Princess Poses, seriously Princess and Jemama need to get into modeling.
5. Do you recognize this shirt? My Gym is a children's fitness center across the country and our daughter goes to one in Minnesota.
6. Another game of ring around the rosie. The kids have the giggling part down when "we all fall down." The tune as well. They have no idea what the words are I am singing however.
7. This about explains the personality of my son, standing on his head. We have our work cut out for us!
8. The kids first night in the hotel
9. Ishamel deep in thought watching a movie.
10. Junior
11.Kurker getting tired
12. Florence
13. Gormah
14. Martu/Abegail

1 comment:

Nancy said...

At first I was really upset for you about your mismanaged and delayed departure, but now I am almost glad that you had some extra time in Liberia because of all the good you have done, and the added memories and images you will now be bringing home with you. These extra pictures are just fabulous! A&E certainly looked pretty happy in their hotel bed. Just think what they will feel like in their new room in MN??!! Remember that you can't help everyone on the scale that you are helping A&E, but don't forget either the good you are doing by getting out the word about Liberia and its children, and Sue, don't forget the 'ripple effect'!
Love and hugs to all!