Saturday, July 7, 2007


Every Family will get a folder when they come and will be able to look over all of the info. AFAA has on your child. They will also give you copies to take home. If your child is being escorted I'm pretty sure they will send a folder with the escort so you can see the history. We were even able to get a pretty good medical history on A&E. In the very front of the pictures is Lawrence (wearing a red shirt with long hair in a bun). He has two sisters and in addition to Martu and Mackie, we learned they are also cousins of A&E. We met his father at the airport. I asked Abegail, did you know Martu and Mackie were your cousins? She said yes. Martu and Abegail did seem to be close friends but it never dawned on me they were related. Martu cried when Abegail left. It's so nice, they will see each other soon again! Jessie helped me with travel stuff today. I thanked her for working on a Saturday but she said most Liberians do work 6 days a week, if in fact they have jobs. There are a ton of UN trucks here and our hotel is the hang out place for UN police. Pretty interesting!

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Nancy said...

I just KNEW, that like the children, you are resilient, and would get back into the groove after your shock of a delayed departure, and get some really positive things done in your additional time there in Liberia. The AFAA families will love the extra photos. Am I right in always being able to pick Abegail out because of her new white sandals, even in the group photo at the airport? Hope so. So glad that you have gotten this "time out" period reduced by one whole day! I'll be even more glad when I know you are back safe and sound in your own home with Annie and Grandma and Grandap R., then soon you'll be off on another adventure!
So proud of you,