Thursday, July 12, 2007

List of Staff at the AFAA House for Families

For those of you who are traveling, we thought it might be helpful to have a list of the staff members at the house. Sometimes its hard to understand their names, but if you see it written its easier to pronounce
1. Linda-Foster Mom
2. Marie (pronounced Mary) Cook
2. Churuchuma-Foster Mom
3. Jessie-Big Boss! Handles paperwork, used to be Foster Mom and teacher. Loves the kids, the kids love her!
4. Samuel-Driver
5. Evely-Caseworker
6. Patience-Foster Mom
7. Elizabeth-Foster Mom
8. Ophiah-Foster Mom
9. Patricia-Foster Mom
10. Juit-Foster Mom?
11. Princess-Assistant
12. Mark-Housekeeper
13. August-Laundry
14. Saye-Security Guard
15. Atau-Security Guard
16. Abaroth-Field Worker
17. Nadime-Jessie's Right Hand woman, also works with kids

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