Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A little Ring Around the Rosie Before Lunch

The kids love to sing. And they can sing! With Spirit. So I asked if they wanted to hear an American song? And we did a little Ring Around the Rosie which they got a big kick out of although I don't think they ever got the words. Then there was a good lunch and I think I got every kid on here eating. Because of the sunlight and shadows, not all of them are well-lit.


Nancy said...

I remember one mother writng laughingly about the amount their grocery bill had increased since their kids came home from Africa, and judging from the portions of food on the kids' plates today, I can see why! Looks like yu are going to need tht rice cooker I told you about!

Janie said...

Holy Rice! Your swimming instructor skills are shining-- and I see the best mom ever! Sending you all hugs and love,