Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mechanical Difficulties in Philadelphia

Yes, it happened again. Mechanical difficulties kept us overnight in Philly. The good news, this time instead of asking us for money the airline paid for our hotel in New Jersey. The kids were exhausted but hanging in there. I don't know how you are 7, travel 40 hours to several different airports in total culture shock with people you barely know and never complain once, but Abegail managed that yesterday, amazing. As for Eman, while after a lesson about taking things from gift shops and breaking things in stores, we've decided to keep him! Good news, both kids have new philly T-shirts. We are scheduled for a direct flight to MPLS this a.m. We are hopeful!

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Nancy said...

This post is a treasure! Somewhere down the road, maybe in like 2050, you are going to find all of this hilarious: the mopped airport floors, a bit of kleptomania and some "You break it, you bought it" thrown in. You are going to be sooo happy you were so diligent about this blog.....someday!