Saturday, July 7, 2007

More news on the AFAA kids

First the most important thing, PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES.
Here they are in order,
1. Martu- Martu is a helper. Jessie says she always loves to help with all the other children.
2. Kurker-we knew you could kind of smile.
3.Florence into a video. Florence and Diamond are so loving. I spent a lot of time with them on Friday! They have tremondous personalities. I'm going to go back on my size for Florence to a 3T, she is a little smaller than Diamond, but just a smidge.
4. Alomiza-seems very bright!
5.Mackie and Jacob with Saylah and Abegail in the background. Did you know Martu and Mackie are cousins with A&E? Probably explains why they all came from the same area. We met Martu and Mackie's Mother at the airport. Mackie is a fabulous soccer player.
The next four pictures are for the GOOGEG FAMILY. This is Wokelle and Mary. Next, this is classtime!

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Nancy said...

I just heard a quote on one of my schmaltzy Lifetime movies that I thought might be appropriate for all of the AFAA families. "Childbirth is a miraculous act of nature, but adoption is an act of God."