Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Friends, Talking to Old ones!

1. Bath Time- We LOVE bath time, but skin gets very dry, doctor recommended Eucerin
2. Nothing like cuddling up to a big truck! Kids nap for several hours in the afternoon, they are exhausted with time change, all new stimulus
3. Emmanuel talked to Gift yesterday he told her he loved his room and asked when she was coming to see him. Unfortunately she lives in PA, but we'll make a reunion happen!
4. We tried to wake Abegail up but she was sleeping, they Abegail and Gift have an appointment to talk tonight.
5. Abegail and Emmanuel met the Peterson clan yesterday, similar ages, instant friends!

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Anonymous said...

Scott & Family,

Looks like you are finally where you need to be! I can only imagine how nice it is for you to be home with the whole family.

Norfolk, VA