Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Recap of Day One at the AFAA House

Friends and Family,

We're having an amazing time here in Monrovia. The children are all great and it's fun spending time with them.

Here is a video recap of our first day. Enjoy.

Scott & Sue


Anonymous said...

The video is great! So fun to see them and you in action. Abegail is quite the singer and ready for school. You have done so well to keep us all informed. Charlene (Grandma R.)

jordana said...

Sue and Scott,
What an amazing video and great pictures. We can't wait to meet the rest of your amazing family. We are thinking of all of you.
the comito's

Nancy said...

I loved watching the video, but have one question. You are still planning to bring home just two children, right? Enjoy the rest of your time there, and have a safe and happy trip home.

Sharon said...


What a great video! Thanks for taking the time to edit it and load it onto your blog. I'm glad things are going well for you after your ordeal getting there. Looking forward to hearing more!


Anonymous said...

Scott and Sue,

Wow and wow again. What an amazing video. It has great power and is filled with the hope that only adorable, talented and supremely resilient children possess. Thank you again for sharing this experience with us. We cannot wait to meet A&E in person and to hear more about your adventures.

Angela and David

Janie said...

Scott, your shooting and editing talents still soar.

Miss Sue,
I'm with you, Abegail's writing is beyond 1st grade. Go Girls!

You two are good with surprises-- and no doubt your love for these children is obvious. Alexander knows what's best.

Cecily's counting down the days...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Beautiful Happy Children! Amazing how you can blog so much and even post video from Liberia! I loved how they were fascinated and liked playing with Sue's golden hair!