Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three Very Different Kids

If you come to our house you are likely to see Annie with a princess dress on, her Cinderella slippers and a variety of accessories with her saying, I want to be a princess. E-man will be climbing on something, saying he has to go pee pee or trying to drive the car and Abegail will be playing a practical joke on someone or imitating how they whine.
The kids are so different and yet they all enjoy each other so much.
Abegail: The other day we were talking about adoption and how you may not look like your family and I asked her, "do you think people know you are adopted when you are with Daddy and me?" And she said Yes. I said how? She said we are black. I said, "what color am I?" She said pink. Abegail is so athletic, she can already swim a few strokes by herself. This from the girl who had never worn a swimsuit before. She always wants to run with me and not just around the block, she wants to go the whole time. I told her she is going to go to the Olympics. She said, "how many planes to get there?" In Liberia, I asked her what she thought America would be like and she said, "I go to school." Abegail can't wait to start school. She gave me a pout when I told her E-man and Annie were gonna go to daycare a couple hours a day starting next week. (Dad may actually get some work done, and Mom may have an hour after work to collect her thoughts) Abegail has the best pout, any time you tell her to go to bed or that she can't take a 3rd shower of the day she gives you that frown. And then she's on to something else. Abegail loves to ask for seconds and has grown to like all American food. Often she'll try something and say, "it's sweet." She is so sweet herself and if she's known for anything it'll be her smile and her giggle.
E-MAN: You've all heard the stories so you probably feel like you know him a bit. E-man is just craving love and all the attention. If you hold Annie, it is he who cries and gets jealous. He wants to make sure he is the center of your world. His most famous saying is, "I want milk." If he's not rolling a truck down the driveway, you can probably catch him wearing Annie's Cinderella shoes. He also loves to push Abegail and Annie in a play car and has had some success learning to ride a bike. E-man is the child who has to turn the pages when we read a story. He follows me like velcro from one room to another and will fight back if his little sister tries to put him in line. He is drawn to women and comforted by them, but Scott is having some success calming him down and getting him to talk about what's bothering him. I never know if the phone is ringing or if it's E-man playing with the buttons. So far the only thing I think he has learned about TV is it has a remote with a lot of buttons that he can push at any given moment. E-man is the kid who will do something he knows is wrong and then look at you out of the corner of his eye with a mischievous little laugh. But he also the kid who has no trouble telling you he loves you and going up to a complete stranger and getting a high five.
Annie: Since the other children have arrived, Annie seems so delicate next to them. Oh, yes she wants to run and slide and hang on the monkey bars, but only if her princess shoes do not fall off and her dress doesn't get dirty. Annie loves having a brother and sister. Tuesday morning she got up before them and said, "you gotta wake my brother and sister up." I said, "honey don't you just want to sit here and drink your milk and watch PBS." No, you have to get Abegail and Manuel up right now. She and Abegail can giggle to the ends of the earth and she and E-man do not hesitate giving hugs. If E-man is having a fit, she'll say, "Mommy, E-man's crying, you better pick him up. Or what is my brother doing?" She has asked if she can sleep with Abegail so I think that is coming, but we need to wait a bit because we always find E-man snuggled up with Abegail in the morning. Annie is very cautious and while the other kids think nothing of holding their heads underwater in the bath, Annie is tentative about getting pigtails put in. She loves to play ring around the rosie with Abegail and E-man. But really she just wants to be Cinderella or watch Beauty and the Beast and then twirl in a big long, fancy dress!


David B-A said...

I think the JUMBO size box of band-aids in the middle of the breakfast table says it all.


Angela and David

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So true. :-)