Monday, July 9, 2007

We're in Brussels!

We decided to get to the airport in Monrovia about 4 hours early yesterday. It worked. We made it through immigration, the 3-4 "security" checkpoints, and a couple "E-Man" melt-downs.

Yes, "E-Man"...Emmanuel's nickname at the AFAA House and it's quite appropriate. He made a few trips into the ladies' room and mopped the floors with his backside for awhile...BUT WE MADE IT ON THE PLANE!!

We're in Brussels now and into the 3rd hour of our 7 hour layover. We'll fly into Philly this afternoon and onto Minneapolis/St. Paul tonight! We're so excited.

We're just starting to experience some of the new things Abegail and E-Man will now encounter on a daily basis. The escalator was new! And the "moving walkway" though the airport terminal tripped us up a couple times. Those "Big Planes" out the windows are a huge hit! But hardly enough to hold E-Man's attention for more than a minute or two......and then it's off to the races and we're running away laughing at us as we follow him. Perhaps we'll stop chasing and it won't be as fun!?!?

We're hoping he's still with us by the time our flight leaves.
Here are just a sampling of the things we've had to say to E-Man in the past 24 hours:

Please don't put your hands in the toilet.
Please don't jump off hotel desk.
Please get off the TV.
Please point your pee-pee OUT and not UP.
Please come back. Again.
E-Man, that's the ladies room.

We'll post more later....but for now, thanks for your prayers and support. We'll be home soon. God willing.

Scott, Sue, Abegail, and E-Man


Janie said...

Another saying fits here, "Boys will be boys!". E-man sounds like he'll be quite a match and friend for Reece and Georgio! Sounds like my world everyday!

Out of Africa and on the way to life ever after!

See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Scott and Sue,

Max is 7 and I am still saying the same things to him. Welcome to parenting a boy.

Angela and David