Monday, July 16, 2007

We're off again!

If you can believe it, we are traveling again. It is my parents 40th wedding anniversary and a year ago they planned a family trip to Cape Cod. No time like the present to get to know the East Coast. Both Abegail and Emmanuel loved the ocean and the beach. Then Abegail participated in her first baseball game with the family. The traveling has been a bit harder on Emmanuel. We are having a tough time with long out of control temper tantrums that no one can calm him down from. Hoping for a better day today. Abegail has proved to be quite the athlete and really goes with the flow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Y'all-
So good to see the pictures. We've been watching the weather and hoping you've had sunshine! Looks like the beach is a hit! Sorry E-man isn't as happy. Is it just the adjustment? I was hoping with three boy cousins maybe he'd feel more at home. Hopefully it is getting better for him. I'm sure it will in time. Say hi to all. Happy Anniversary, Chuck and Marian! Love, Mom & Dad R.

Anonymous said...

Your entire blog is absolutely amazing! Scott and Sue, you are two very special people - you think Abegail and E-man are happy, you should see God smiling from ear-to-ear! My prayers continue to be with you as your expanded family grows together! Love & joy, Uncle Chuck

Nancy said...

I really messed up. I didn't check your blog for two whole days because I thought you were on VACATION - meaning no internet and no blogging! So delighted to see some new pictures today. As far as E-man's behavior goes, look at it this way. In the past two weeks he has said goodbye to the only home and country he has ever known, as well as to his father, siblings, and cousins, celebrated his fourth birthday in a strange airport in a strange country on a strange continent, arrived home to lots of new faces he is aupposed to love and trust and respect immediately,the food is strange, the smells are strange, even the dishwashers are strange! I've seen adults throw prolonged temper tantrums with much less cause, haven't you? I once broke down in tears in the DC airport because my luggage had been searched repeatedly, they hadn't let me go to the bathroom on the plane, and then they lost my luggage. And I was in my fifties!!!! E-man will get the hang of things in no time flat, I'm sure of it!
Love to all the "Cheaper by the Dozen" Clan,

Dixie Kooiker said...

I am not as creative as other comments. My Mom at Albert Lea saw on WCCO the story about Sue "missing" from her usual post. Then they told you had gone to Liberia. Mom called to see if I knew. Well, sort of I knew-just not the "when" part.

Congratulations to all of you!