Sunday, August 19, 2007

Abegail & Daddy's Day at the Dome

Abegail and I got to spend a day at the ballpark...with HUGE hot dogs, blue snow cones, a new Torii Hunter t-shirt, and a run of the bases after the game...we had an amazing day!! I thought Johan Santana striking out 17 in 8 innings was pretty cool (and a Twins' record)...but needless to say, "TC Bear" was Abegail's #1 highlight.

I'll just leave you this photo essay.

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Nancy said...

What a lovely, happy looking child Abegail is! And what a special day the two of you had together!! I'm not sure though, who got the greater thrill - Abegail running the bases,hunkering over that humungous hot dog, getting an autograph, or Scott watching Santana break a record! Guess it really doesn't matter as it looks like you both had a great day!