Thursday, August 30, 2007

Abegail Meets Her Teacher

We had an open house at Abegail's school tonight. We met her teacher, Mr. Suzuki and she picked out her desk. Mr Suzuki (both kids love to practice saying his name) seems very nice and we've heard rave reviews about him. Abegail loved her school and says she is excited. I on the other hand am petrified. How on earth did I become the mother of an elementary school student? They had sign ups for Room Mother. I'm thinking, Room Mother, that's MY mom not me.We had a nail polish festival Monday (what else is there to do with no power) everyone got into the action includig the concrete on our front step. Thankfully power was restored yesterday at noon.
Abegail will wear my first communion dress for her baptism. Mom found that and a bunch of other dresses she made. I'm thrilled and Abegail loves the dress!

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Jess said...

I love that she is wearing your dress, so sweet!