Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Storm, No Power - The Sequel

In 6 years of living in Minneapolis, we've never lost power for more than an hour or so. But for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, we are without power again and have no idea when it will be restored. Last time it was 3 days. We're going on 24 hours we're hoping sometime tomorrow we'll be back in business.

It's funny, because A&E aren't phased one bit. They're used to generators. They say to me, "Daddy, you staht de gen-ah-ray-tah." Yep...we're on generator power again. We're using it to power important, you know...a small air conditioner, tv, lamp (all in our bedroom :-) and WiFi!! And yes, there's just enough power to cool the refrigerator, too. But no phones, no stove, no bedroom lights (making bedtime REEEEALLY interesting!!) and no central air.

We woke up to lots of downed-branches strewn across our lawn...which the children were happy to help collect. They needed my help to lift the huge grill that was toppled!!


Andries said...

We're in the same boat, Sue! We're thankful for mild temps and a gas hot water heater! In my infinite wisdom, I got the kids each a bottle of root beer for a treat to have with our grilled burgers for supper and they were up and down like jacks-in-the-box all night going to the bathroom. Night #3 of very interrupted sleep due to storms and my own intelligence!
Beth in Bloomington

Nancy said...

Collapsed bridges, storms, flooding, power outages, and lewd behavior by elected officials in public restrooms - now tell me again why I wanted to go to Minnesota! I'm pretty sure it wasn't baseball so I guess it must be just because I want to hug you all and see with my own eyes just how things are going with all of you. Just one more week, and I can't wait!!

Love and hugs,

Richardson Family said...

OK Nancy...that's it. You're going to a Twins game w/ me!! Or even better, I'll give YOU the 2 tickets and you can take E-Man!! :-)