Monday, August 6, 2007


E-man got some special time with Daddy tonight at his first Major League Baseball game!


Nancy said...

I was hoping for a picture of Daddy going through the basement window head first, but this is nice too!
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Way to go E-man! Did you like baseball? G'ma wishes she could be there with you to go to the baseball game too. Love you. G'ma R.

Richardson Family said...

Yes, Nancy...that would have been nice. But the fact is, if there HAD been someone inside there to take a picture of me coming through the window head first....I would not have needed to go through the basement window head first in the FIRST place!! :-)

To the rest of you who have no idea what we're talking about...don't ask. it wasn't pretty.

Sharon said...

E-man is a total crack-up! It is really good to see such big smiles on Abigail's and E-man's faces!


Janie said...

How are you doing Abagail and Eman?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I've been following your adoption and have enjoyed your blog!

We are adopting two little boys from Liberia through AOH.

We had received some pretty bleak news today regarding the state dept. and adoptions in Liberia.

Could I email you and get your take on it, not only from an adoptive parent's standpoint, but as a reporter as well?

Thanks, Denise Horrocks