Friday, August 3, 2007

Bridge Collapse

These are photos from a local photographer. The site is very hard to see now because its all blocked off, you have to get up on top of a building which is where most of the networks are. President Bush comes tomorrow. We did not use the bridge daily but Scott took it twice a week to softball games. It is very hard to avoid if you were going anywhere north of the city. The stories are horrific. Rescuers tried to extricate people from their cars a few times and the people died in front of them. One man told a rescuer tell my family I love them and then died. There were warnings this bridge wasn't safe but in MN the construction season is the summer season and its hard to get to all projects before the snow flies. Still they had 17 years to do something about it but weren't planning to until next year. It is amazing to all of us the death toll wasn't higher being it happened at the height of rush hour. But the injuries are significant.

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Jess said...

I came across your site because we are in the adoptino process too ( the states, my BF is adopting from Liberia), but it is intersting seeing your view point, the national new never has mentioned that summer is constructions season, I live in florida so I never thought about it.