Monday, August 13, 2007

The Car Open, The Car Open!!

Power has been restored, let the blog continue. So I picked E-man up from daycare (Annie is no longer welcome until she gets potty power) and all of a sudden he starts screaming, "Mommy the car open, Mommy the car OPEN!!!" I started having images of the first week we were home when he opened the van door, while I was driving. I'm thinking I thought I locked the doors. Meanwhile the screaming continues.
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, The CAR, THE CAR IS OPEN!!!
I turn and look towards E-man, and next to us at the light is a 75 year old man looking straight ahead not phased at all by the Liberian hysterics next to him, driving what we in America call A CONVERTIBLE!


Andries said...

I love this picture of your "funky little dude"! Looks like his sister Annie is rubbing off on him. Hopefully, A & E's "potty power" will rub off on her! :-)
In reading all your "adventures in adjusting", I feel like we have had an easier time of it...however, I'm very glad to be 4 months into our new life together (has it only been 4 months?? sure seems like forever! :-) We're looking forward to getting together once the dust settles!
Sending you warm, neighborly thoughts,
Beth & Dries and Alazar & Endalkachew

David B-A said...

This photo has to go on his high school graduation party poster!


Angela and David

Richardson Family said...

Oh OUR parents did before us...we are patiently waiting for the day we can embarrass OUR children!