Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Liberian Translations

Liberian / American Translation

Slippers / Flip Flops
Shoes / Sneakers or anything that is not a sandal
Commode / Toilet
Tissue / Toilet Paper
Spoiled / Broken
Flash It / Spray It
Trousers / Pants or Shorts
Briefs / Boys Underwear
Pants / Girls Underwear
Blouse / Shirt
Chicklet / Any kind of Gum
Pee Pee Oh / I have to go to the bathroom
Poo Poo Oh / I really have to go to the bathroom
I want drink / I would like a drink please
Eh?? / What?
Enjoying / Like
Meat / Anything that's not rice, chicken, steak, hamburger
Where Mommy at? / You're a nice enough guy, Daddy, but we would really prefer Mommy right now.
Mommy, you working tomorrow? / How many days until Saturday?
I want milk / I'm really not thirsty but since Annie just asked for some, I must have some, too!


The Pasquinelli Family said...


Bless you for this blog! It keeps me laughing everyday. This was great as we, too, are struggling through the "lost in translation" phase of our children!!! When in doubt, I just add an 'O' to the word I'm using...i.e., car-o, drink-o, dog-o...etc.!! LOL!


Nancy said...

I did not find the first part of your list strange or funny because having taught English in German schools for 23 years, know that most people who learn English outside the USA, learn it with a strong British infuence, so these words seem normal to me. But the "Where's Mommy at" really tickled me, because it is part of children's universal language, and who knows, Sue might also be hearing "Where's Daddy at?" with the same meaning.
Can't wait to see you!

Sharon said...


This is really cute! I'll have to remember this when my kids come home. Thanks for the laugh and have a great day!


The Googeg's said...

Still love your blog! I think it must have to do with having more than 2 children. I get the "I see they got some -- I want some too" syndrome. I have started asking "why do you want it?" As in "Are you really hungry/thirsty/whatever or you just following the crowd?"


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the blog.
Thanks for the translation.
I'll save it for sure
Besides chiclet, we also used 'vaseline' for petroleum jelly and 'cutex' for any brand of polish remover.

George said...

I am a liberian who is very thankful of what you doing to give a better life to kids like E-man nd Abegail. Thanks for what you are doing.