Friday, August 24, 2007

Mommy You Come Back?

It doesn't matter if we're going to the bathroom or to work, A&E always ask Scott and I, "you will come back?" We always say yes we will come back. One day Scott was trying to be funny, I went upstairs for something and Eman asked 3 or 4 times, "Mommy come back?" And Scott said no. At which point both kids eyes became huge and Scott realized what he had done. They had a Mommy who didn't come back. So now we don't joke, "yes Mommy will come back." "Yes, Daddy will come back."

Mommy: Abegail, why are you so mean to your brother?
Abegail: Because he's mean to me.
Mommy: OK, you have a point, but not the answer I was looking for.

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Valerie said...


I can SO relate to this. Akins Junior says Momma at least 1000 time per day and if I am out of eye shot even if he can hear me he still asks "you coming?" I have taken little steps by going to get coffee and today I left him at Mom's for about 1 1/2 hours. Soon I will go back to work and he will attend day care. I wonder how long it takes for them to be sure that we are coming back?