Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Health Updates

We finally got a stool sample from Eman and as we suspected he does have Giardia, a parasite common in third world countries. I may be hallucinating but I think for sure it is getting worse. I am 99.9 percent sure Abegail has it too but she doesn't poop enough to get a sample, still working on it! So no more baths together. If they hadn't come to the U.S. A&E would have spent their lives walking around with 9 cavities between them, parasites, low iron, and poor eyesight.
We got a new video of kids at the AFAA house from when Junior's mom visited. The kids loved seeing their friends and Abegail said, "Martu is wearing my skirt and shoes, Jemama has on my blouse." I said they are not yours anymore!

We spent the entire afternoon at the eye doctor yesterday. Every time they wanted to point the light in Eman's eye he'd say, let me do it! They say they did get what they needed and he will probably need glasses in the next few months as he is nearsighted and has stigmatisms in both eyes. They won't fix the ptsosis in the left eye until he is five. I don't know why they want to wait but they say once they fix it, there is a chance it will return to how it is now.
Still no power.

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