Friday, August 24, 2007

Potty Power

The kids were in the bath tonight and Abegail started singing a song from Annie's video, "Potty Power." Here are the words she is singing:
What do you like to do
When you are sitting on the potty?
When you're sitting on the potty for a while?
There's a lot of things to do
That will make you happy too.
Sitting on the potty.

This song is already kind of funny...but it is absolutely hilarious with a Liberian accent!! Also funny with the Liberian accents are Barney songs ("Clean-up, everybody do your share" and "I love you, you love me").


David B-A said...

So FUNNY! Save this one for all time. We love how well she can multi-task - sing strong while having water continuously dumped over her head!


Angela and David.

P.S. Max truly appreciates good potty humor -Bravo Abegail

The Googeg's said...

What is it with these potty songs that stick in your head forever. My oldest had an old video that NONE of the other kids remember. So they kind of think I have lost my noggin when I sing "She's a super dooper pooper!" I wonder how that sounds with a Liberian accent.


Valerie said...

Akins Junior loves this video he wants to watch it over and over again and says "Eman pours water over Abegail's head" he is even startig to sing along! Too funny!

Sharon said...

What a total crack-up! This is great! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.