Sunday, August 19, 2007

So Sweet When They Sleep

A: Mommy I want some coffee.
M: No, honey little girls can't have coffee.
A: Mommy I want some coffffffeeeee...
M: No honey it will stunt your growth
A: Mommy, I want to be short.

Sadly our neighborhood pool closed today and the temperature has dropped to the low 60's. The kids keep saying, it's cold. I say, yes just wait, it will get colder. Aren't they in for a surprise.
My Dream Come True:
It was a very rainy weekend here so things got a little out of hand.... but the good news is E-man enjoyed being tied up by Abegail...hmmm.. that could come in useful....


The Pasquinelli Family said...

Oh my gosh, Sue- our kids were freezing yesterday when it was 73 degrees!!! Princess had on a sweater and knee socks and was sitting in the sun to "warm her bones" as she said. And, whew, was she crabby! We're in for it this winter when we're sub-zero! LOL!

I love following this blog...thanks for doing such a great job of posting honestly!


Sharon said...


Abigail's quote had me laughing out loud! What a crack-up!


Jessica said...

Sue, Can I just say, I love this blog!! Those kids are so hilarious and vibrant, it makes me realize how lucky we are to be moms to these children.

Have you shown the kids their moon boots and snow suits yet? I guess there is one reason I should be thankful we're going to Georgia--no snow to terrify children from the equator! Good luck with that:)! Jess