Saturday, August 18, 2007

Update on Kids at the AFAA house

Another one of A&E's friends is home. Junior, is home with his new Mommy in Oklahoma! Hey we know some people there. Junior is in Tulsa. We hope to meet up with him Labor Day weekend in South Dakota.
In the meantime, we got some photos of A&E's cousins, Martu and Mackie, (first photo) and a few of Abegail's good friend Tarry. The kids love seeing their friends!

I took Abegail shopping for school supplies last night. She is very excited. We rookies figured out the list together!
We're also getting ready for the kids to be baptized on September 22nd. They have absolutely no idea what that means except Abegail know she will get a new white dress!

Today we were like to start a new series on our blog called, Quotes from Abegail:
Mommy: Were you hungry before you went to the AFAA house?
Abegail: No.
Mommy: No? that's great.
Abegail: I ate before I went.

Happy Birthday Auntie Caroline.

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