Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A White Man's Car

E-man told Scott today he drove, "a white man's car." This from the little boy who rides down the driveway in a pink car and wants to wear fingernail polish.
He decided he had to wash his pink car today. So I thought, you can wash your car, you can wash Mommy's car. He did and did a great job. I think we found a new constructive way to keep the E-man occupied.


Jess said...

What a cutie!

David B-A said...

I can relate to having a son who needs "real" jobs to do to stay constructively busy. Perhaps the boys can set up a car wash business to fund their first trip to Disney?


Anonymous said...

Why have you not whited out your license plate number ?! You've also told us where you work...which means that someone could go to WCCO, wander around the parking lot and find a vehicle with that make / model and plate number, and follow you home. Well done !! Don't photograph your house numbers or license plate numbers, people !! Duh ?!?

Richardson Family said...

Why so negative on this first day of 2008?

First, CCO doesn't have a parking lot. Second, I highly doubt anyone could get through CCO's security. Thirdly, I refuse to live my life in fear. There's always one of you in the group to an otherwise positive story trying to "enlighten" people.
Besides we don't own that car anymore. DUH!