Friday, September 28, 2007

9 Cavities? I WISH!

A month ago we went to the dentist and found A&E had 9 cavities between them and were sent to a pediatric specialist. Today we had a visit to the dentist and found Emmanuel has 20 teeth, 15 of them have cavities. So many so that he will be admitted to the hospital and put out to have them fixed. (I would say since during a five minute exam he kept saying, we're done!)
Of course our union health plan at work only provides preventive dental care. So that will be a nice 4-5 thousand dollar Christmas present. I actually had the nerve to ask, what if we don't fix them? As to which, the very nice and patient doctor replied calmly, they will all get infected, fall out, and affect his adult teeth, never mind the extreme pain he'll be in. I said, "so we want to have those fixed ASAP." She said, "uh, yea." OK then.
As for Abegail she has 6 teeth that need work including one that needs to be pulled. The doctor says that should only take an hour. I know that Emmanuel's case is probably pretty common to kids in Liberia with no fluoride in the drinking water. That's probably why you see a lot of people with no teeth.

"Mommy I want to stay in first grade forever and ever!"

Abegail is not only enjoying her school but also her time away from Emmanuel, not having to worry about him. When we suggested that Emmanuel would go to kindergarten at her school next year, she totally flipped out. We were out somewhere and I asked a kid where he went to school and it was different than Abegail's and she said, Mommy E-man can go to that school.

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Oh I am so sorry E-man has such problems with his teeth! Great just what you need, both financially and emotionally. As for Abby's plan for E-man's school sounds like she is enjoying her freedom good for you and kudos to you and Scott for allowing her to feel free! Valerie