Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baptized Without A Hitch

Abegail and Emmanuel are officially part of the catholic church. They were both baptized at the 4 p.m. mass tonight. I was so nervous all day because let me just say E-man can be a challenge at church. You know, pretending to wash my hair, rolling on the floor, crying, asking if church is finished, hitting his sisters, usually this is all before the first hymn is over. But they both did amazing. They were both so good. It did help that E-man fell asleep at the beginning of church and woke up just in time to be baptized. Then got sleepy at the end too. But they were so brave, they didn't go in the water but they did lean over and get it on their heads. E-man liked wearing a tie so much, he wore it to bed. Then we came home and had a little cake for A&E 's cousin, Maddie who turns one Sept. 30th.
This was the first time they met Maddie and they were so excited to have a baby in the house, here is a photo of minutes after hey met.It didn't take long until there were arguments over who got to push Maddie in the swing!
E-man's hair has slowly started to grow back, but "the boys" want to make sure you get a good look at his nice head.


Nancy said...

I thought about all of you all day yesterday, and must admit that I too am relieved! I had imagined E-man jumping right in or trying to baptize the priest himself. Glad things went so well. Blessings on you all, and a safe trip home for Amber, Charlene and Maddie. (Whose idea was the blue icing Maddie was wearing so adorably?)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that your pictures of your children's baptism on your blog were so wonderful! (I found your blog from your employer, WCCO.) Thank God you are joyfully proclaiming your faith in Him to everyone else! He has truly blessed you and your family!