Saturday, September 8, 2007

Emmanuel Johnson Arrives

We've been following the story of Emmanuel Johnson Jr. for the past several months. Here's the update:

He arrived with his mother, Lorpu Vorkpor, yesterday from Liberia for surgery on his imperforated anus. They had a long trip. Mom said Emmanuel did not sleep at all and that neither did she. They had to fly through Kenya, Amsterdam, and then to Minneapolis. Mom is tiny, tiny (maybe 80 pounds) and so is the Emmanuel, but a face that will melt your heart. And they are very grateful for this lifesaving opportunity to get Emmanuel surgery at Fairview. Emmanuel's mom said it was extremely hard to leave her other four children. Ajenia Enterprises is sponsoring this trip and is looking for donations, go to any TCF bank and donate to the Emmanuel Johnson fund.

From Georgette Gray (head of Ajenia) this a.m.:

Emmanuel and his mother slept well. We could not find the colostomy bags over the counter so I called the Dr's office and we went in at 4pm expecting to see a nurse practitioner, but Dr. Saltzman showed up to see Emmanuel. They were very excited and Dr. Saltzman said he's going to pick up some baby stuff for Emmanuel. Anyway they got him checked and installed a new bag. Just wanted to give you heads up. We will be back at the Dr's office on Tuesday for a full check up and some examinations.

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